Will your baby need to learn how to drive a car?

self driving cars

With the rise of self driving cars and the future at hand, many parents today are wondering if there will be a time when, perhaps, the old rite of passage, learning to drive a car, is an obsolete tool of an archaic and all-but-forgotten past.  However, for most of us, the reality is that there will still be cars with drivers on the road for many years to come – no matter how quickly technological advancements move to make them relics of a bygone era.

Will the proliferation of driverless cars eliminate the need for all drivers?

Much like the ability to write, the ability to drive provides your children and grandchildren with more options. It’s a skill. Even after driverless cars hit the open market and take over, you will still see older cars, with people behind the wheels, on the road. For some it will be a matter of money. New tech costs more money and everyone can’t afford to go out and buy the next new car to hit the road.

For other people, it will be a matter of nostalgia. Just as some people spend a fortune to revive classic cars today, people will hang on to the automobiles of their youth keeping them lovingly restored to pristine condition.

Teaching your children to drive means they can operate today’s automobile technology if an emergency or other need arises even if you are among the few who can afford the advanced technology driverless cars offer. And the fact remains that driverless cars may be out of range for the average family for many years to come – making it a necessary skill for at least one more generation.

Protecting your family with the right insurance coverage

Of course, many parents hope their children will never need to learn this skill, as driverless cars offer relief from many of the fears parents experience when their children first learn to drive and gain that extra taste of independence. It’s hard to let go when your child hits the road for the first time – or the fortieth, but it is one of those things that doesn’t look to be going away quite yet.

Whether your household embraces the latest technology and safety features driverless cars offer, or you stick with what you know for a little while longer; it is important to make sure you have the right kind of car insurance coverage to meet your needs today, and as the world around you changes.