Why is Boat Insurance So Important?

Why is Boat Insurance Important

There’s no doubt about it: sailing the open seas (or lakes) in a boat is quite an invigorating experience. In fact, some 75 million people in the United States partake in recreational boating, as per data reported by the National Marine Manufacturers Association in 2010.

However, what can start off as a fun adventure can turn into a tragedy. The following statistics related to boating accidents in 2015, from the US Department of Homeland Security and the United States Coast Guard clearly illustrate the potential hazards of recreational boating:

  • Recreational Boating Accidents: 77
  • Deaths as a Result of Recreational Boating Accidents: 36
  • Injuries as a Result of Recreational Boating Accidents: 44
  • Lost Vessels: 10
  • Total Cost of Damages: $4,547,070

Accidents aren’t the only risk factors associated with recreational boating; damage caused by acts of nature and vandalism, as well as theft, are also potential hazards.

As a boater, watercraft insurance is vital to protect yourself, your passengers, and your vessel from the potential risks associated with boating.

Why is boat insurance so important? Key reasons include:

  • Expenses resulting from accidents. Accidents can happen, and they can cause serious injuries, and even death. If an accident does occur, boaters insurance will off-set the cost of any medical bills and other financial repercussions.
  • Litigation expenses. Should a passenger or another boater file a legal claim or a lawsuit against you, boater’s insurance will assist with the cost of litigation, including lawyer fees and any damages that you may owe.
  • Theft protection. Should your boat be stolen, your boater’s insurance policy will help cover the cost of the stolen vessel.
  • Damage protection. If your boat is damaged in a flood, or a hurricane, or as a result of vandalism, your boater’s insurance policy will help to pay for the repairs. If the damages cannot be repaired, your policy can help to cover the cost of purchasing a new one.
  • Protection in the off-season. Even if you aren’t actively using your boat, there is still a chance that your boat could be damaged, or that someone could injure himself on or near your boat. Your insurance policy will protect you, even in the off-season.

Boat insurance provides peace of mind, even if you don’t end up needing it; and in the event that you do need it, it will surely save you a great deal of money and aggravation.

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