5 Reasons You Need Renters Insurance

Reasons to have Renters Insurance Bolt

Over 35 percent of US Americans rent their homes. You would think they would know enough to protect their personal belongings with renters insurance, however, one recent survey showed that over half of renters who are in the age range of 23 through 29 don’t have insurance — and this puts them at risk.

You can’t control everything in life and things happen. When things do get out of control, you want to be sure that your personal property and valuables are protected and covered. Below are 5 reasons why you need renters insurance.

Your Landlord Doesn’t Cover Your Belongings

Think your belongings are covered under your landlord’s insurance policy? Think again. Their insurance only covers the building and other structures, not your own liability or property concerns. Your landlord is not required to and probably doesn’t want to cover your property; therefore, buying a renters insurance policy of your own is a good idea.

Damage Liability is Covered too

If another person’s property is damaged on your property or because of it, renters insurance can cover the damages.

Additional Coverage While Traveling

Many policies only protect your valuables up to 100 feet away from your house. Therefore, your personal items are covered if you are at your community’s pool or clubhouse. But, with renters insurance, you could also be protected against theft that happens outside your home’s premises.

It’s  Affordable

Renters insurance is quite affordable. In fact, it’s a lot less expensive than other types of coverage, costing you only a few cents each day. You can also save even more money by bundling up your other policies like your personal auto insurance.

Additional Living Expenses Could be Covered

If something should happen to your home and become uninhabitable under one of your covered perils, the ‘additional living expenses’ could be covered through your renters insurance policy. This could include costs associated with food, temporary shelter and more.

Bottom line, a renters insurance policy will cover your personal property whether you are at home, in your vehicle or traveling on vacation. It also protects you with liability coverage if you injure someone accidently or someone should get injured on your property.  Therefore, it really pays to get yourself a renters insurance policy for the apartment or condo that you’re renting so you have peace of mind that all of your valuables and other personal belongings are covered due to a mishap.

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