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Insurance that goes as far as your recreational vehicle

There are many different reasons recreation vehicle owners love their RV’s. Some people live in them full time as they travel around the country enjoying the sights as they go. It can be wonderful to have the freedom to travel south during the cooler months to stay warm and then head back north during the warmer months to keep cool. Others use their RV as a mobile office enabling them to travel and work simultaneously. Not being tied down to a specific location can be a huge advantage for a small business owner. Regardless of its use, every RV owner should have special RV insurance that protects their investment.

Maybe you have owned your RV for many years and are looking to increase or modify your insurance coverage. Perhaps you are thinking about purchasing an RV for the first time and are looking for the best way to make sure you don’t end up spending extra money unnecessarily due to unforeseen events. In both cases and many others, bolt insurance Agency is here to show you how to get the RV insurance that you need to stay safe while you’re working or playing in your RV.

Types of insurance coverage your RV needs

To make sure you and your RV are adequately protected, you can purchase a separate motorhome insurance policy. A policy like this can cover you in situations you are aware of as well as some you may not have thought about. There are many types of coverage bolt insurance Agency offers for your RV.

Total loss replacement – Imagine the horror of purchasing a new RV only to have it demolished within its first four model years. If you have a total loss replacement policy, you can get a comparably-equipped or new recreational vehicle with no out of pocket expenses. When your RV model falls between the fifth and seventh year, you would receive either the original purchase price of your RV or the actual cash value at loss, whichever is higher. For RV models eight years old and older, you would receive the actual cash value.

Personal effects replacement cost – There are many personal items most people take with them when they travel in their RV’s. From laptop computers and cell phones to jewelry and cash, these things can cost a significant amount to replace. This type of RV insurance covers the replacement cost of your personal items in the event of a covered loss.

Emergency expenses coverage – Situations occasionally arise that prohibit you from using your RV as you planned. It could break down on the road or be involved in an accident when you’re driving. When you need to pay for lodging or require alternate forms of transportation as a result of a covered loss, the emergency expense coverage component of RV insurance can compensate you for your necessary out of pocket expenses.

Windshield coverage – The more time you spend on the road in your RV, the greater the odds are that your windshield will get hit by a rock or other flying debris and need repaired or even replaced. Getting a new windshield for your RV can be costly, but having this type of coverage in your policy will cover windshield repair or replacement in specified amounts.

Medical payments – Accidents involving your RV can be devastating and cause extensive injuries, and the cost of necessary medical treatments resulting from such an incident can be staggering. Whether or not the accident is your fault, recreational vehicle medical payments coverage will pay for the medical procedures required to make you well.

RV insurance that means business

If you own a small business and operate it out of your RV, you need to be aware that your auto insurance policy does not always offer sufficient protection. There are many added risks and liabilities involved with owning and operating an RV that are not present with other types of vehicles. These hazards need to be specifically covered by an insurance policy designed for RV owners in order to guarantee you are covered in case of an accident or other damages. This type of insurance is especially important if you are using your RV as an office and home base for your business, as an issues with it could cause your business to suffer. Because we work with many of the best insurance companies in the industry, bolt insurance Agency can help you find the right one to support you as you grow your business.

Enjoy your journey with RV insurance

When you take a trip in your RV, you most likely take many valuable items from your home along with you. A common myth about personal property is that it can be covered by homeowners insurance regardless of where it is lost, damaged or stolen. When you take personal belongings on the road with you in your RV, they are no longer covered under most homeowners insurance policies because they are not on the “residence premises.” This means that if your RV is robbed, you could end up paying out of pocket to replace everything that was taken. bolt insurance Agency is here to make sure you can relax and have fun as you travel in your RV without worrying about how much you could lose.

Roam where you please while staying legal

You may be unaware that state law mandates all RV owners to have at least the minimum amount of personal liability insurance. If you are pulled over for a moving violation or involved in an accident and are unable to show current proof of insurance, you could be looking at a serious fine or worse in addition to the enormous cost of damages to all vehicles involved and potential medical bills for bodily injuries. That expense would far outweigh any RV insurance cost. Our team of experts at bolt insurance Agency can make sure your RV, personal property or even your small business is properly protected with RV insurance. We are here to help you and can even give you a free RV insurance quote on our website to get you started. Get RV insurance for peace of mind wherever your RV may take you.

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