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Tailor Shop Insurance

Tailor shop insurance

Running a tailor shop involves providing altering and repair services for your customers. You may be responsible for altering a wedding dress, repairing a football jersey, or even creating custom clothing for your neighborhood dance team. As a tailor, you have a variety of risks both as a business o...

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Engraving business insurance

Operating an engraving business means you will be responsible for producing an image or text onto a certain type of material. Different materials can be engraved such as glass, metal, wood, or stone. Engraving is often done for unique gifts, such as the inside of a wedding ring, on a new watch, pict...

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Watch & Jewelry Repair Business Insurance

Watch & Jewelry repair business insurance

Watch and jewelry repair shops handle a variety of repair services for their clients, including fixing new and antique watches, clocks, and jewelry items. Most people who request repair work on their watches or jewelry are bringing in antique or precious items with sentimental value, not to mention ...

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Candy Store Insurance

Candy store insurance

If you own and operate a candy store, you most likely provide your customers with a variety of scrumptious confections. This may be chocolate, hard candy, popcorn, taffy, fudge, nuts and many varieties of candy and snacks. Unfortunately, you are also exposed to a number of risks, such as illness cau...

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Makeup Artist Insurance

Makeup artist insurance

Makeup artists are responsible for applying cosmetics to their clients in a professional manner. They are experienced with various skin tones, proper makeup applying techniques and listening to the client to give them a makeup application they want for a specific occasion or event. As a makeup artis...

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Event/Wedding/Party Planner Insurance

Event/Wedding/Party planner insurance

As a wedding planner, even if you're not planning a royal wedding, it's still challenging to pull together all the details of the bride and groom's special day. Coordinating all the moving pieces of an amazing wedding takes a lot of hard work, attention to detail, and dedication. While planning a we...

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Photographers/Videographers insurance

Photographers use their artistic skill and tech know how to capture “moments” on film. On the surface, it may seem like a luxurious job, free of risks and dangers. But just like any other freelancer, contractor, or small business owner, a photographer’s day-in and day-out job is not without it...

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Personal Trainer Insurance

Personal trainer insurance

A personal trainer works with individual clients who want help losing weight and getting fit. It is the personal trainer’s responsibility to work with their clients on a regular basis, getting to know their physical fitness level and building a personalized fitness plan around their capabilities. ...

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