Coffee shop insurance

As an owner and operator of a coffee shop, you have spent time and money perfecting your business including selecting the right products to sell, renting or buying equipment, decorating the coffee shop, and hiring employees. It’s scary to recognize that you may lose some of your hard work and savings if you don’t have the proper coffee shop insurance coverage. A variety of insurance policies are available for coffee shops to protect against a number of liabilities and risk exposures; all of which provide extra protection for your business.

Why you need coffee shop insurance
A number of risk exposures and liability risks exist in a coffee shop, no matter the size of coffee shop you operate, how many employees you have, or the type of products you serve. Natural disasters can put any type of business at risk and coffee shops are no exception. Other risks exist in coffee shops that can make you liable for large expenses or court fees during litigations such as a customer who sues for too-hot coffee that burned him. But coffee shop insurance can protect these and many more types of liabilities and risks.

There is a wide array of commercial insurance policies for coffee shops that cover a myriad of risks including natural disasters and other forms of damage to the shop, liability insurance against accidents or bodily harm in the shop, and a number of other policies.

Types of coffee shop insurance coverages

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