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Chiropractor Insurance

Chiropractor insurance

A chiropractor is someone who provides medical services for a patient, which includes exercise rehabilitation, physical therapy, massage therapy, manipulation of the spine, hot and cold treatments, and a variety of therapies used for diagnosis and recovering from an accident or injury. Common risks ...

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Radiologist Insurance

Radiologist insurance

Radiology laboratories are typically staffed by radiology technicians and technologists. They are in charge of many types of lab services including x-rays, MRIs, digital imaging technology, ultrasounds and similar services. The laboratory will view and analyze the results of these services and send ...

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Medical Office Insurance

Medical office insurance

Medical offices are staffed by nurses, doctors and physicians of all different specialties. The office might be for dentists, dermatologists, general physicians, veterinarians, gynecologists, podiatrists or for other types of medical specialties. Employees of a medical office are responsible for mai...

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Insurance for Home Health Aid

Home health aid insurance

Home health care businesses provide many types health care services including speech therapy, nursing services, physical therapy and other services. Patients range from elderly to children and adults recovering from an illness or injury. Due to your type of business, home health care includes a wide...

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