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Accountant and Auditor Insurance

Accountant and auditor insurance

An accountant office employs several accountants and business professionals to provide a medley of financial services to clients. Services include auditing, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll processing, billing, maintaining accounting records, tax returns, budgets, statements, and more. Professional...

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Finance & Accounting Insurance Solutions

Financial planner insurance

As a financial planner, you have a bevy of important responsibilities. You are in charge of managing cash flow for individuals, helping them get out of debt, preparing for education expenses, retirement planning, investment planning and tax or succession planning, just to name a few of the important...

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Management Consultant Insurance

Mortgage brokers insurance

Mortgage brokers are independent brokers that help bring together mortgage loans by separate lenders and potential real estate buyers. They are responsible for locating the right types of mortgage loans for their clients, finding out about the background and financial history of clients and marketin...

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