Catering business insurance

A catering business revolves around providing services to clients at special events, parties, weddings, hotels, and other special occasions. You’ll set up the food and beverage area, offer different types of beverages and food items, and often provide waiting staff as well. As a catering business, you will also find a variety of risks, many of which pertain to the type of work you do. Since you are dealing with food and drinks, you have to face the risk of liabilities from food that has made someone ill, whether it was lack of informing them of the ingredients or foodborne illness. Other risks include injury to an employee or a client at the event, liabilities, and risks associated with any type of business. Protect these and other risk exposures by obtaining catering business insurance that offers coverage for every potential risk your business has.

There are several types of insurance policies that will be beneficial to catering businesses. The following business insurance policies cover the risks you may be exposed to as a business.

Types of catering business insurance

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