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Ride the waves confidently with jet ski insurance

If you own a jet ski then you know exactly what it is and how much fun it can be to ride one across the water. Maybe you’re thinking about getting one and are doing your research first. A jet ski is a recreational vehicle used to travel on the water. Available in various sizes, riders sit and drive, usually at higher speeds. More experienced drivers can do tricks and jumps.

Because it is a unique type of watercraft, a jet ski is typically not covered by either a homeowners or an auto insurance policy. This means unless you get a special insurance policy for your jet ski, you could be liable in the case of an injury or accident. The high speeds a driver can reach on a jet ski as well as the potential damage it can sustain and cause in the event of an accident make it incredibly risky to drive one without knowing you are fully covered by jet ski insurance. There are many additional risks associated with owning a jet ski that make any jet ski insurance cost worth paying for.

At bolt insurance Agency, we’re here to make sure you have as much fun as possible on your jet ski without having to worry about what could happen. We also know there are other issues that may arise from owning a jet ski in addition to accidents. Regardless of what level of coverage you’re looking for, we can find a policy that meets your needs.

4 types of jet ski liability insurance

  • Liability If you are in an accident that causes property damage, a liability only policy will protect your jet ski. In the event of an accident with another jet ski or watercraft, this type of policy will cover the costs associated with the property damage. bolt insurance Agency can help you find the right level of liability policy for you.
  • Liability and Physical harm Adding physical harm and injury to your liability coverage is another step you can take to reduce your out of pocket expenses in the event of an accident. If someone else involved in an accident with your jet ski sustains physical injuries, their medical costs would be covered. This is an especially important policy to consider, as most places you operate your jet ski are populated and the risk for accidents increases the more people are on the water with you.
  • Increased limits on liability Every liability insurance policy has limitations on how much it will pay out. If an accident occurs while you are on your jet ski and the damages total more than the specified limit on your policy, you will be responsible to cover the difference. When you choose the increased limits on liability insurance policy as part of your coverage, it can help to cover any additional costs that may arise from an accident.
  • Pollution liability coverage Sometimes a jet ski wreck can damage the fuel tank or fuel lines of your watercraft or another vessel involved in the accident. This can cause water pollution by releasing toxic oil, fuel or other harmful chemicals area surrounding the accident. In some cases you may be held responsible for the cost of cleaning up the oil spill. The experts at bolt insurance Agency can assist you in finding pollution liability coverage to ensure these legal costs are covered.


2 types of insurance you shouldn’t be without

  • Medical costs coverage When there is an accident involving your jet ski, it could result in physical injuries requiring medical care for you and anyone else on the jet ski. Because medical bills can be extremely expensive, adding this type of coverage to your policy can help pay for the costs of necessary medical care and treatment and save you from losing a lot of money or even going bankrupt.
  • Uninsured jet ski It is not uncommon for others who own a jet ski to have inadequate insurance coverage. This can negatively affect you if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured jet ski, as you would be financially responsible for all necessary repairs your jet ski needs and any medical expenses resulting from physical harm. Let bolt insurance Agency find you coverage that includes this policy so your jet ski repairs and medical bills will be taken care of.


2 types of insurance you may be unaware of

  • Towing and Assistance Any jet ski has the potential to break down or run out of gas. Especially if you operate your jet ski on open waters or in more remote locations, this can spell disaster if you don’t have towing and assistance insurance coverage. Adding this type of insurance to your policy means you can call a towing company to come rescue you and the cost would be covered.
  • Trailer coverage Most people who own jet skis enjoy the fact that they are easily transported and can be used in many locations. Because a trailer is typically used to move a jet ski, a trailer coverage policy important. Having this kind of insurance covers your jet ski trailer if something happens to it while you are loading or unloading your jet ski or driving it from one location to another.


Get jet ski insurance and let the fun begin

When you own a jet ski, there are so many ways to have fun driving it yourself or riding with friends. It can be the perfect way to let loose on the water and have fun, especially when you know you are prepared for anything that comes your way. With all the potential risks that owning and operating a jet ski involves, protecting yourself from these hazards with jet ski insurance can allow you to enjoy your time without worrying about what could go wrong.

At bolt insurance Agency, we can provide you with a free quote for jet ski insurance when you visit our website. We also help you compare insurance companies so you know you’re getting the best policy for you at the best price possible. We work with the top companies in the industry and have an expert team ready to meet your needs for jet ski insurance.


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