Drywall contractor insurance

Drywall contractors often work for general contractors as drywall specialists. They are responsible for choosing, installing, removing and repairing different types of drywall. Many contractors also help install or repair sheetrock and plasterboard or wallboard in homes and businesses. Drywall is the material that covers the plumbing, wiring and studs of walls after a building frame has been put up. Drywall contractors remain busy and productive, but should also be aware of their risks. As with all labor jobs, drywall contractor risks include injuries to employees and property damage. These risks are covered by drywall contractor business insurance. Drywall contractors also may use sub-contractors on various jobs. If sub-contractors are used, most insurance carriers will require that the sub-contractors carry their own liability insurance with limits equal to the main contractor.

There are many different types of drywall contractor business insurance policies meant to cover each individual risk. Here are the most important to be aware of.

Types of drywall contractor business insurance

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