What to Do if You’re Involved in an RV Accident

RV Accident What to Do Bolt

There are plenty of hazards when driving out on the road, including traffic, rain, construction zones, and auto accidents. Although accidents are stressful for anyone no matter what they are driving, it is especially so for the RV owner since your RV is not just your vehicle, but also your temporary home while on the road.

Causes of RV Accidents

There are many reasons why RV accidents happen. Some include:

  • Sharp Corners
  • Driving in High Wind Conditions
  • Rollover
  • Inexperienced Driver
  • Unbalanced Load
  • Poor Calculated Turns
  • Drunk Drive
  • Unmaintained Tires
  • Driver Fatigue

Check for Injuries

First and foremost, no matter what the reason is for your accident, be sure that you check for injuries. Stop and ensure that anyone involved in the accident is not injured. This includes the drivers and passengers of the other vehicles involved in the accident as well as your passengers. If there are injuries, seek medical attention immediately. After that, some other things you should do are as follows.

Call the Police

There are certain thresholds that some states dictate when you should call the police. For instance, in the state of Wisconsin, you have to call and report the accident if it leads to a minimum of $1000 in property damage or if there is an injury to anyone involved.

Even if it is not required by your state, you will most likely want to call the police to document any injuries or damage so you can make a claim. You might even find out that the other driver doesn’t have insurance or some other post-accident situations by having the police there.

Exchange Information

You should exchange basic information, including contact, insurance, and vehicle information. In some states, law requires you to share specific information such as your driver’s license number.

Get Evidence

You should take photographs of your injuries and of the scene. Document and write down everything that led up to the accident and after it.

Call Your Independent Insurance Agency

Be sure to call your independent insurance agency to report your auto insurance claim. The insurance agent can resolve your claim quicker the sooner you call them.

Planning ahead of time and learning good defensive driving methods will help protect you and your family as well as your RV. Living the RV lifestyle is about having fun and relaxing. If traffic or weather conditions turn your trip bad, simply pull off the road, relax a bit, and wait for things to quiet down.