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bolt puts you in charge of your insurance renewals, unlike the traditional agents who often “let it ride.”

We contact you BEFORE it is time to reassess changes in your business and the insurance industry. You decide how and when you want us to contact you.

At renewal, your bolt agent evaluates your insurance and comparatively quotes your coverage with reputable carriers that you can count on to be there for you.

bolt agents do the work for you. Renewals are our chance to make sure you get better insurance at a fair price.


Your bolt agent is here to help you in the unfortunate event you have to make a claim.

Traditional agents some times just pass you along to your insurance carrier. While the claim is submitted to and paid by your carrier, you may need a helping hand when disaster strikes.

Your bolt agent is your claims advocate. We can help you sort through what to do and help you productively work with your insurance carrier.