Should your pet go for annual checkups?


Vets often send reminders for your pet’s annual checkups. While these phone calls, emails, or postcards can be annoying, they can go a long way towards protecting your pets. Annual checkups for our pets may seem like an unnecessary expense, but they can help you save money and keep your pet healthy in the long run.

It would be best if you took your pets for their checkup at least once or twice each year to ensure they are in good health and aging well. Keep reading to learn why your pet should go for an annual checkup.

Establish Regular Veterinary Care

It is essential to have a reliable vet on standby. You never know when an emergency or accident will occur, and you will have to get your pet to the vet immediately. A crisis is not the time to be searching online for a vet. Taking your pet in for an annual checkup can help establish regular veterinary care.

Your pet’s information and medical history will already be on file so that the vet can care for them quickly. You can also learn more about your vet’s emergency services and after-hours availability. Having this information on hand can be helpful in a pinch.

Care for Your Aging Pet

As your pet ages, their health needs change. Various illnesses and diseases can set in for older pets, and annual vet checkups can help prevent serious issues. At an annual checkup, your vet will run blood tests and administer a physical exam. These tests provide a baseline for your pet’s health and help your vet prevent arthritis, diabetes, and other conditions.

Catch Illnesses Early

Your pet may seem healthy, but they could be sick. Some symptoms do not develop for months, but regular checkups, bloodwork, and exams can catch illnesses in the early stages. It is always best to identify conditions or diseases early and start treatment as soon as possible. Forgoing an annual vet checkup can cause you to miss crucial opportunities to diagnose conditions that impact your pet’s health.

Stay Up to Date with Medications

If your pet takes medication, annual vet checkups are essential. Vets require physical exams or bloodwork to renew a prescription, and if you skip your pet’s yearly checkup, it could lapse. Annual checkups are also crucial if your pet only takes medication as needed. With an annual vet checkup on the record books, you can quickly fill their prescription when they need it.

Get Your Pet Vaccinated

Annual vaccines are essential to maintain the health and wellness of your pet. Many doggy daycares and certain grooming services require proof of vaccination. Your vet can administer vaccines at your pet’s annual checkup to ensure they are updated. Vaccines for rabies, parvo, Bordetella, and more can all help prevent diseases and illnesses in your pet.

Does pet insurance cover annual checkups?

Veterinary care, including annual checkups and vaccines, can quickly add up. Pet insurance can help reduce the overall cost of caring for your pet’s health. Start your pet insurance quote today!