How to Protect My ATV from Theft

Protect ATV from Theft Bolt

If you have an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), you might find that you worry about it being stolen whenever it isn’t in use. ATVs tend to be easier to steal than vehicles, since people don’t take as many precautionary steps. You might park it where it is visible or don’t lock it like you do with your car. These tips will help you protect the ATV from theft

Park it in the Right Place

Start by parking your ATV in the right way. You want to park or store it somewhere it isn’t visible, so don’t keep it in front of your garage door in the driveway or parked right next to your motorhome or trailer. This is a bad idea since all it does is alert other people that you have it, and in a convenient place to steal from. Make sure you keep it locked up inside the garage or a backyard shed if that is all you have. If you aren’t going to use it for a while, a self-storage unit makes a good place. After deciding where to keep it safely, check on it periodically to make sure it hasn’t been stolen.

Keep it Locked Up

You should never park your ATV anywhere without locking it. There are multiple locks that can keep your ATV protected, starting with the main lock that starts up the ATV. Hide your keys somewhere safe, preferably with your other vehicle and house keys. There are also keys for specific areas of the ATV to protect it further, such as a receiver lock and a disc brake lock.

Use a GPS Tracking System

In some cases, you can’t avoid the ATV from being stolen, but you can track down its location. Do this by having a GPS tracking device installed on the vehicle. Similar to when using them for cars, you are alerted if it moves from its current position. You can then track its whereabouts and have the local authorities help you retrieve it if it is stolen.

Keep the Tires Drained

While this might seem like an inconvenient method, it will definitely help you protect your ATV. You can do this by removing the valve stems from the tires. Most thieves aren’t going to carry these with them, so they will have no way to put air back into the tires and keep it there. It is a good option when you plan to store your ATV for a long period of time.

As additional protection, you can add theft coverage to your ATV insurance policy if it is not already included. This will help recover some of the cost of the theft, whether you get the vehicle back or not.
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