Pet groomers insurance

A pet groomer is someone who takes care of the hygiene and physical appearance of an animal, typically cats and dogs, but sometimes other animals. Many times, pets can be difficult to take care of, and their owners rely on professionals with skills and a reputation for excellent grooming work. Grooming often includes bathing, cutting and trimming fur, trimming nails, cleaning out ears, and other optional services. This is a rewarding career for someone with a passion for taking care of animals, but as with most professions, it comes with its own risks. Aside from the general business risks possible lawsuits, there is also a heightened risk of bodily injury caused by some pets during the grooming process. These risks should be protected by commercial pet groomers insurance.

Covering potential risks of a being a pet groomer, there are several types of insurance for pet groomers available. Pet groomers should be aware of each policy, what it covers, and how it can protect them. Here’s what you should know.

Types of pet groomers insurance

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