Residential janitorial supply store insurance

Janitorial supplies store most often sell to commercial janitorial companies, but also sell to non-janitorial commercial companies as well. Janitorial supplies sold consist of a wide range of products including cleaners, carpet cleaning solutions, laundry soap, disinfectants, degreasers, industrial deodorants, soaps, and chemicals. Cleaning equipment for janitors may also be sold such as carpet cleaning machines, trash bags, paper and plastic products, and mopping equipment. Much of the business risks associated with operating a residential janitorial supplies store is in the products you sell. Many of your cleaning products and chemicals are flammable, which increase the chance of a fire and damage. Protect fire and other business risks by getting residential janitorial supplies store insurance.

There are a variety of insurance policies appropriate for your type of business. The following are the most important types of residential janitorial supplies store insurance.

Types of residential janitorial supplies store insurance

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