Tips to Prevent ATV Accidents

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Since all-terrain vehicles are often driven at high speeds and over rough terrain, there is a high risk for accidents. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do what you can to try to reduce these accidents. The following tips help to keep you safe by practicing common sense and avoiding ATV accidents as much as possible.

Ride Solo on an ATV

Many people like to go on adventures with their friends, but make sure your friends have their own vehicle. Even if two people can fit on the ATV, it is not recommended. This becomes a safety hazard since the person driving the ATV is not just trying to be careful while driving, but the shift in weight can be troublesome. ATVs were meant to have just one driver, so avoid driving with a passenger. Otherwise, you might find yourself in an accident you could have prevented.

Don’t Let Children Drive ATVs

The minimum age for ATVs in many states is 16 years old, so be sure you are not letting younger children drive one. They don’t yet have the capacity to understand the rules of driving an ATV and are often not capable of driving safely and avoiding accidents. Even with teenagers, make sure you choose the right type of ATV. They should not have a large ATV meant for grown adults when they are still growing; the machine is too large and too much to handle without incident.

Avoid Public Roads

All-terrain vehicles are called that for a reason; they are meant to drive on different types of terrain, though public roads should not be included. While they can technically drive on a street, this is a major risk with other vehicles on the road. ATVs should only be on terrain where full-size vehicles are not, such as mountains, desert, and other dirt roads. Driving with motorcycles is fine, but full-size cars put you at risk. Avoid all public roads and streets, specifically any road made of asphalt or concrete.

Wear Protective Gear

Any time you are going to drive your ATV, you should be wearing protective gear. This is just as important as if you were riding a bicycle or driving a motorcycle. This includes a helmet, which is one of the most important things to have on during an accident. While these tips can help you avoid an accident, there are some you will never see coming. You should be safe just in case with a helmet to protect your head, long sleeves and pants, and sturdy boots that protect your feet. Eye protection is also recommended when you are driving an ATV.

Practicing common sense can help you prevent an ATV accident. ATV owners also need to have ATV insurance to protect against theft, damage, and liability. If you own an ATV and don’t have insurance for it, reach out to us here at bolt insurance Agency to discuss getting coverage.  1-800-216-4171