Top States for Vehicle/Deer Collision

Vehicle Deer Collision

Many U.S. drivers know all about deer crossing signs; however, they might not be aware of just how dangerous it really can be. A recent study that ranks the potential of drivers in different states of hitting a big animal, like a deer, has been released. In West Virginia alone, one of every four drivers on average in 2016 have filed a claim for a deer-related vehicle accident.

The four other top states of filing a deer/vehicle collision claim include:

  • Montana with a one in 58 chance
  • Pennsylvania with a one in 67 chance
  • Iowa with a one in 68 chance
  • South Dakota with a one in 70 chance

During the Oct, Nov and Dec months, the chances of colliding a deer doubles, being the deer mating season known as the rut. Plus, between dawn and dusk, you’re at a bigger risk of colliding with a deer. There are ways, however, that you can avoid a vehicle/deer collision.

Driving Tips to Avoid a Deer/Vehicle Collision

First and foremost, it’s important that you stay alert and engaged, and keep an eye out for deer and other big animals since they can jump in your path very suddenly leaving you with little time to react.

Other driving tips include:

  • Drive with caution when driving through deer-crossing zones and other areas with more deer population.
  • Use high beams at night when no oncoming traffic is coming.
  • Slow your vehicle down and lay on your horn to scare the deer away If you notice a deer,If a deer is near or in your path.
  • Brake firmly and stay in your lane to avoid an accident with oncoming traffic.
  • Keep your seatbelt on at all times.

If you happen to hit a deer, don’t touch it. A wounded and frightened deer could injure you. The best thing to do is slowly drive your car off the road and call the police. It’s also important to have the right auto insurance policy since you will need to contact your insurance company next to report any vehicle damage due to an accidental collision with a deer or large animal.

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