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What Coverage

does your business need?

As a small-business owner (or someone thinking about opening a small business), your head is probably spinning over the choices when it comes to the types of insurance coverage your company needs. It’s important how each type of coverage protects you, your employees and your business.

Embroidery Services Insurance

Embroidery services include providing embroidery for things like linens and pillow cases, clothing, kitchen towels, and even wall artwork. You provide the creative element, purchase supplies, and may even make deliveries of the finished product. Due to the type of work, you are at risk for liabilities if a customer visits your business location, as well as an unexpected event that could cause damage to your expensive equipment. Cover these and other risks with embroidery services insurance.


Types of Embroidery Services Insurance


To fully protect your embroidery services business from unexpected events, choose from the following essential business insurance policies:


Embroidery Services General Liability Insurance


General liability insurance is one of the first policies recommended for your embroidery services company. It includes product liability, premises liability and completed operations. Completed operations is coverage for any services you provide, such as the embroidery work you do. Products liability is for any special products you sell that might cause injury. Premises liability is for any accidents occurring on your property, like slips or falls.


Embroidery Services Commercial Auto Insurance


If you intend to make any deliveries, visit the bank,or go to the post office for your business, you need business auto insurance. It will cover any business-related errands, including bodily injury, damage to your or other vehicles, theft and vandalism if you choose to include those in the policy. If your vehicle is parked outside the post office and someone breaks the window to steal something from inside, theft,and vandalism coverage would be helpful to cover the costs of repairs.

Embroidery Services Business Property Insurance


Business property insurance is a necessary insurance policy, due to the many unexpected events that could occur. No matter where your business is, there are risks, such as from different natural disasters, severe wind or snow storms, fire or flood. This extra protection helps make repairs to your building and replace any supplies that were destroyed.


Embroidery Services Cyber Liability Insurance


If you sell embroidered items from an online shop, you need a cyber liability insurance policy as it is a critical embroidery services insurance protection. For example, if a hacker gets into your website and steals personal or financial information from previous customers, they can sue you for damages. The legal costs would be covered by cyber liability insurance because this is considered a cyber crime. Regular crime insurance doesn’t cover these crimes, so you need an additional policy.


Embroidery Services Workers’ Compensation


Workers’ compensation is an important policy to have, not to mention being required by law in many states. With workers’ comp, you have protection from work-related injuries or illness for your employees. If an employee cuts their hand on a sewing machine that malfunctions, their medical costs will be covered by the workers’ compensation insurance policy. The same goes for other injuries occurring on the job site.


Embroidery Services Crime Insurance


The last policy to consider is crime insurance, which protects your embroidery services business from things like shoplifting, theft, vandalism, and dishonest employees. The theft of money or supplies, as well as vandalism of your business property are risks to be aware of. If in the middle of the night, someone breaks in and steals expensive equipment or supplies, you have your crime insurance policy to cover the loss.


Consider your biggest risks and those that are less common but could still occur. This lets you choose the right types of embroidery services insurance policies for optimum protection.