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What Coverage

does your business need?

As a small-business owner (or someone thinking about opening a small business), your head is probably spinning over the choices when it comes to the types of insurance coverage your company needs. It’s important how each type of coverage protects you, your employees and your business.

Interior Designer Insurance

Interior designers are creative individuals with an eye for color and style, and a passion for designing attractive and livable spaces. Interior designers work with lighting, furniture, decorative accessories, and exterior elements of a person’s home or a company’s office. With the success an interior designer finds during her career, comes the increased potential for possible claims of incompetent work. With this type of risk, insurance for interior designers is crucial as it will protect her from a variety of liabilities and claims from previous clients. A variety of professionals in the interior design industry can benefit from interior designer insurance, including freelance interior designers, commercial interior design agencies, and independent interior design agencies.


Types of Interior Designer Insurance


A plentitude of insurance policies are available for interior designers to cover claims such as failing to deliver the product on time, modifying design plans without the client’s consent, having a client and designer miscommunication, or and a host of other potential mistakes.


Interior Designer Professional Liability Insurance

If a lawsuit is brought against a fashion designer due to a mistake or error the designer has supposedly made, professional liability insurance can offer protection. This includes errors in the design process, delivery times, or the type of work performed. Professional liability interior designer insurance typically covers legal fees, cost of damages, and other related fees.


Interior Designer Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)
Another type of insurance for interior designers is commercial general liability insurance. Occasionally there is bodily injury during an interior designing remodeling project or inside a showroom, such as if a visitor comes in and trips over materials on the floor or hurts themselves on a sharp edge of a piece of furniture. Commercial
general liability  insurance (CGL) for an interior designer offers coverage for this type of accident.


Interior Designer Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)


In the event that an interior designer runs a business which has employees who may potentially file claims against for various business-related wrongdoings, employment practices liability insurance can cover various fees and litigation costs. This includes such things as wrongful termination, sexual harassment, mental anguish, or other types of claims against the interior designer.


Interior Designer Workers Compensation Insurance


If an interior designer has her own business with employees, she will most likely be required to carry workers compensation insurance. This type of insurance covers occupational injuries or harm that may come to an employee during work-related tasks, like setting up new furniture whereby an accident occurred that required medical treatment.


Interior Designer Property Insurance


Property insurance for interior designers exists to offer financial protection and coverage to an interior designer who operates from a showroom or has an interior designer business. In the case of someone damaging property, breaking in or stealing merchandise, property insurance can cover the financial loss from these types of events.


Interior Designer Errors & Omissions Insurance (E&O)


Interior designers benefit from errors and omissions insurance in order to cover possible legal costs and defense costs from liability claims and judgments made upon them. Errors & Omissions insurance for interior designers can cover certain financial losses, court costs and legal defense costs from a variety of claims for both freelance and independent interior designers as well as interior designer companies.


Insurance for interior designers exists in order to offer optimum protection against financial burden from a variety of litigations, liabilities, and claims made by clients or employees. As an interior designer, no matter what type of insurance you decide to obtain, it will offer protection for unforeseen events and provide more peace of mind when conducting your interior design business.